For the ultimate pampering for your pride and joy


We have a complete range of exterior packages to suit everyone's needs and budget.

From initial contact, our main aim is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the cost and level of service we deliver.

We basically offer three levels of exterior services:

Basic: This includes a quick wash of the exterior using our safe two bucket washing method, without drying, this package is suited to clients the chose an interior package and just want to freshen up the exterior.

Intermediate: includes our snow foam spa which will refresh your paint and leave a protective coating that keeps the paint cleaner and also make it easier to wash in the future.

Ultimate: includes paint decontamination (chemical and physical), paint correction by dual action polisher (several stages available), and paint protection.

Paint protection: We have three levels of protection to choose from, when looking at our packages, the best-suited finishing protection has been selected to ensure that your cars paint will maintain its shine for the longest period of time.

Basic: Our hose on sealant is used in the snow spa wash and decontamination spa, it may also be added to the basic wash and will give your vehicles paint a new lease of life and enabling water to simply "fall" off the paint with medium to high levels of beading. Lifespan: up to 4 months

Intermediate: Our spray-on sealant is used is on another level when it comes to paint protection. It is as close to the ceramic coating as you will find, without the price tag. It enables the water to "sheet" off the car's surface and enhances gloss to a mirror finish. Due to the preparation required for optimal performance, it is only used in our paint correction packages. Lifespan: up to 12 months.

Ultimate: Ceramic coating is our premium protection package. Water sheeting, beading, and extreme gloss enhancement are promised when using this to protect your pride and joy. It is only available with our ultimate exterior/ detailing packages as the preparation is crucial. Lifespan: up to 2 years