- Vacuum all interior floor, mats, seats, and boot and all spaces in between

- Dust, clean and dress dash with low sheen protection

- Clean the following with our Anti-bacterial cleaning and sanitising agent used on the following:

  • Steering wheel.

  • Gear selector.

  • Door handles, inner and outer.

  • Touch displays.

  • Audio and climate control systems.

  • Armrests.

  • Seatbelts.

- All doors cleaned and dressed

- All hard surfaces cleaned and dresses (where applicable)

- Clean all internal windows and mirrors

- Carpet, floor mats, and seats shampooed including spot removal of most stains in carpet/ mats

- Leather seats cleaned

- Steam cleaning of fabric seats and all hard surfaces

$210 (Small car/ Medium sedan/ small SUV)

$240 (Large sedan/ Wagon)

$270 (4wd - 5 seater)

- Leather protection add: $80 (12 months)

- Fabric protection add: $80 (12 months) 

It will completely rejuvenate the entire interior of your car leaving it feeling brand new! This option is for those that want their car to feel completely new again.

In addition to all inclusions in the sanitisation clean, it also includes steaming of fabric seats/ carpets, shampooing of all carpet and seats so not only will it feel clean, but you will also be assured the bacteria has been reduced making it safer for you and your family.