Pre sale/ post sale


- Vacuum all interior floor, mats, seats, and boot and all spaces in between

- Dust and dress dash with low sheen protection

- Clean the following with our Anti-bacterial cleaning and sanitising agent followed by steam cleaning on the following:

  • Steering wheel.

  • Gear selector.

  • Door handles, inner and outer.

  • Touch displays.

  • Audio and climate control systems.

  • Armrests.

  • Seatbelts.

- All doors wiped and dressed

- Instrument cluster wiped with glass cleaner/ anti-bacterial cleaning agent

- Clean all internal windows and mirrors

- Shampoo all carpets/ mats, seats including spot removal of most stains in carpet/ mats

- Leather seats cleaned and dressed

- Steam cleaning of seats and all hard surfaces

- Rear parcel shelf cleaned


- Wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed- including inside rims if applicable

- Snow foam pre-soak

- Two bucket wash PH neutral soap (first wash)

- Paint decontamination (Chemical and mechanical)

- Two bucket wash PH Neutral soap (second wash)

- Dry with a super soft microfibre towel and blower

- Cut and polish by machine (All in one)

- Clean door jambs

- Hose on sealant (3 months protection)


- Engine cleaned

- engine bay detailed including all painted and covered surfaces


$470 (Small / Medium sedan/ small SUV)

$490 (Large sedan/ Wagon/ SUV/ 4wd)

$510 (Large Van)  

This is our premium package that will completely restore your vehicle to as new (sometimes better) condition. 

Every inch (literally) of your pride and joy will be detailed to perfection both inside and out. Nothing is left out!

It is suited to clients who:

- Are selling their car (pre-sale detail)

- Purchased a used vehicle that needs a complete makeover

- A starting point for our maintenance wash programs (Please ask us about this)