This package will bring your paint back to a showroom shine with the complete decontamination of your paint and the removal of fine scratches and swirl marks.  We test various pad and compound combinations to remove as many defects as possible while removing minimal clearcoat. We top it off with a spray-on protective coating that is as close to a ceramic coating as you can get (without the hefty price tag) which locks in your newly rejuvenated paint giving 6 - 12 months of water beading perfection when maintained with our maintenance wash.

- Wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed

- Snow foam pre-soak

- Two bucket wash PH neutral soap 

- Clean door jambs

Chemical and physical paint decontamination

- Two bucket wash PH neutral high lubrication soap (second wash)

- Dry with a super soft microfibre towel and blower

- Paint correction machine compound removes swirls scratches etc (single-stage)

- IPA wipedown

- Spray on sealant applied to all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, plastics/ trim and wheels.

$370 (Small car/ hatch)

$390 (Sedan/ wagon/ Mid SUV)

$410 (4WD/ Large Van)